February 2016

Broadcast Indie Summit: Colette Foster

Broadcast is hosting its inaugural Indie Summit on 17 March to help producers of all sizes learn from one another.

Full Fat TV creative director Colette Foster, who is to appear as part of the Winning That Commission session, reveals her experience of developing returnable formats.

Why do you think it’s so important to support an event like the Indie Summit?

Whether you are attending as a guest or a speaker the indie summit is a brilliant platform to celebrate the extraordinary creativity in the UK right now. The indie community is vibrant but the industry is changing fast and as a regional indie I’m looking forward to catching up with former colleagues, friends and broadcasters to discuss how we meet future opportunities and challenges.

What do you think your background will bring to the summit?

I am and always be a programme-maker, creating television that people want to watch such as Embarrassing Bodies, The House that £100K Built, Secret Eaters, Restoration Home and Bodyshockers. This is what I really care about – but if those programmes bring commercial as well as creative success then you can continue to grow and thrive as a company.

My area of expertise has been creating programmes that can return again and again and at the summit I can share some of my thinking behind the programmes I’ve made and offer some insight about how to make them. I’m also proud of working my way up the ranks of television, I’m a Brummie from a working class background and I believe my perspective on life outside of London has shaped the way I think and the programmes I make – I hope that’s what makes them a bit different.

What will the audience take away from the summit?

We work in one of the most exciting, challenging, dynamic industries, this event brings together a really broad range of talent and experience to create debate and conversation around the shape of things to come.

Source: Broadcast Now

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