April 2016

Channel 4 Features commissions first ‘full human body rig’

Channel 4 has commissioned new Birmingham based indie Full Fat TV to produce a ground-breaking new programme 24 Hours Inside Your Body. The pilot will follow three people across one day, monitoring what happens to their bodies in intricate detail by using the latest forensic filming techniques in the first ‘full human body rig’.

Across the course of a day everything people do impacts on their health – from the position they sleep in to the food they eat and the jobs they do. In 24 Hours Inside Your Body volunteers will have their every movement tracked by scientists who will marry the unique footage taken, with the data they’ll collect from a supersized ‘fitbit’ worn by each of them to find out what’s going on inside their bodies, every minute of the day.

The programme will uncover why and how the things we do impact upon our bodies, from what water does to our skin, to how things that happen to us during the day affect our long term health. The experts will spot key trigger points when someone’s lifestyle is having an impact on their future well-being and will try to influence the volunteers to make changes to their lifestyle to improve their lives.

24 Hours Inside Your Body was commissioned by Channel 4 Features commissioning editor Kate Teckman. The programme will be made by Full Fat TV with executive producers Colette Foster and Sarah Eglin.

Kate Teckman said: “24 Hours Inside Your Body is going showcase an incredible journey inside the human body put together in what promises to be a compelling and popular magazine format.”

Colette Foster added: “The series will capture the obstacle course of everyday life to reveal the extraordinary things we expect from our bodies and the impact it has on our health.”

Source: Channel 4

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