April 2020

Bradford Zone TV Highlights| Coronavirus: How Clean Is Your House?

Coronavirus is spreading around Britain, fast. But not as fast as the daily papers, 24-hour news and social media are spreading a tsunami of information about how to avoid getting infected when we go out. But what about staying safe in our own homes? Should we all be deep cleaning? Behind our front doors, do we need to change our behaviour to try to protect those closest to us ? Two families have their houses forensically swept for fingerprints to find evidence of what they may be unwittingly spreading around their homes.

This programme shows how the virus works, how it uses our behaviour to get from outdoors to indoors and – out of all the products we use to clean our homes – which ones could stop it in its tracks, and which ones we shouldn’t bother with. Interspersed with the actuality, there are VTs packed with consumer science content and best practice take-out.
Airing Thursday 9th April, 8pm on Channel 4.
Presented by Dr Javid Abdelmoniem.
Prod/Dir: Ali May; Exec Prod: Emma Jay; Prod co: Full Fat TV

 Source: Bradford Zone

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