March 2017

Five minutes with Tony Robinson: “In some languages the word for thinking and walking is the same”

In a six-part series for Channel 5, Tony Robinson explores the religious and industrial heritage along northern England’s Coast to Coast route.

We asked him which bit he enjoyed most and what he packs in his rucksack.

Have you always been a keen walker?
No. Physically I’ve always been a bit lazy. It wasn’t till my 30s that I discovered the joys of walking.

What do you enjoy most about walking?
I love being close to the natural world of course. But walking also encourages thought. In some languages the word for thinking and walking is the same.

What was your favourite stretch of the Coast to Coast?
Discovering the Yorkshire Dales. No words – just wow!

And the most challenging stretch?
It was June. The weather was wonderful. I enjoyed it all.

Tony discovers the origins of the scotch egg while travelling through the Lake District in episode one

How familiar were you with the north of England?
Like a lot of Southerners, I know the north/south routes much better than the east/west ones. Walking left to right’s an eye-opener. Its biggest attraction must be the variety of wonderful landscapes.

Are you a mountain or a coast person?
I’ve always thought of myself as more of a ‘coast’ person. But now I’m not so sure.

What do you pack in your rucksack?
A warm coat, iPhone, water, tuna snd sweetcorn sandwich. A good map!

What’s your favourite walk in Britain?
Walking back up my street after three months away filming.

Where else is on your travel bucket list?
The Outer Hebrides: North Uist, Benbecula and South Uist.

Tony Robinson: Coast to Coast begins on Friday 17 March on Channel 5, 8pm

Source: Radio Times

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