April 2020

How Clean Is Your House returns to Channel 4 for a Coronavirus special

How Clean Is Your House is returning to Channel 4 for a coronavirus special.


The series was made famous by iconic cleaning duo Kim Woodburn and Aggy Mackenzie and was probably one of the most satisfying things to watch on TV. It would see the pair come in, swab the dirtiest parts of the house for testing, before pulling on their marigolds and cleaning, disinfecting, dusting to their hearts’ content until that place was spick and span. We saw everything from mites in your mascara to clogged up drainpipes and there was no stain too tough for a little home remedy from Kim and Aggy.

In a time where sanitisers and anti-bac have become the holy grail, Channel 4 has decided to bring back the series for a coronavirus special. It will be presented by Dr Javid Abdelmoneim and Dr Lisa Cross and will see two families have their houses forensically swept for fingerprints to find out what they’ve unknowingly been spreading around.

It will explain exactly how coronavirus works, how it gets from outdoors to indoors and which cleaning products we all need to stop it in its tracks.

Coronavirus: How Clean Is Your House airs Thursday 9 April at 8pm on Channel 4.

 Source:  Metro Online

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