March 2017

Joe Wicks: The Body Coach 2017

For the great British public one of the biggest barriers to a healthy lifestyle of home cooked food and exercise is: time. But there is one person that is showing us that this barrier can be overcome, we CAN eat home cooked foods, we DO have time to exercise…

With his iconic locks and infectious enthusiasm for keeping fit and eating healthy he almost needs no introduction. Joe Wicks is the former personal trainer turned Instagram sensation who has been inspiring people to get fit and lean with his 15 minute meals and 15minute work outs. All three of his books have reached the number one spot and he has almost 2 million followers on Instagram.

Following the great success of his first TV show (Joe Wicks: The Body Coach) Wicks is to return to Channel 4 this year with Joe Wicks: The Body Coach 2017 where he takes it up a notch by going in search of volunteers who are willing to commit 90 days of their lives to his regime. Wicks is determined to show the nation that his programme, The Body Coach 2017, can help people be fit and healthy, and they can have fun doing so.

Joe will offer his help to individuals on their journey to body confidence. To get through this they’re going to need the support of their work mates and nearest and dearest as they embark on Joe’s mix of healthy eating, home cooking and intense but short exercises.

He’s going to prove that you can eat more with his snappy recipes and exercise less with his short work-outs and still get the body you’ve always wanted. We’ll also explore some of the science behind the Joe Wicks approach.

Finally, after 90 days Joe will reveal to the contributors their progress. The Joe Wicks Way is to use before and after photographs rather than the ‘sad step’ a.k.a weighing scales to truly show changes over time. The Before and After Pictures will be unveiled before friends and family to show just how far each of the contributors has come.

Joe Wicks: The Body Coach 2017 commissioned by Gill Wilson and Clemency Green in Channel 4 Features and will be produced by Colette Foster and Sarah Eglin for Full Fat TV.

Source: Channel 4

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