Flash Families at Christmas

This documentary for Channel 5 follows four flashy British families as they reveal how they spend their way to the most extravagant Christmas.

About This Production

Four flashy families show us how they’re going to super spend their way to an extravagant Christmas. Us Brits love to go big at Christmas, but these families take the festive fun to a whole other level.

From Rosi and Paul who are determined to have the best Christmas yet – including a Land Rover and diamonds for Rosi, a private chef and live reindeer, to London-based Oscar who has decided to spend his money on bespoke dresses worth tens of thousands of pounds for his nearest and dearest, this fun festive romp follows these families as they splurge their way to Christmas Day.

Giving viewers a jaw-dropping glimpse into the worlds of the wealthy – from blingy baubles and displays to rival Oxford Street’s, to the finest foods and gifts with whopping price tags.

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