Joe Wicks The Body Coach

Social media sensation and Britain’s favourite body coach Joe Wicks helps people achieve body confidence in a high-octane fitness series for Channel 4.

About This Production

Joe Wicks is a personal trainer turned Instagram sensation and national treasure who has inspired millions of people to get fit and lean with his meals and workouts.

In The Body Coach, Joe takes on his toughest challenge yet, taking a group of volunteers who are willing to commit 30, 60 and 90 says of their lives to his life-changing regime.

To get through this they’re going to need the support of their work mates and nearest and dearest as they embark on Joe’s mix of healthy eating, home cooking and intense but short exercises. We also explore the science behind Joe Wicks’ innovative approach.

Finally, Joe reveals to the contributors their progress, as before and after pictures are unveiled before friends and family to show just how far each of the contributors has come.

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