Supergran and The Garden of Justice

This incredible Our Lives film follows wisecracking 93-yea- old Dena Murphy, who helps young offenders back on the straight and narrow as they do community service at her allotment in Manchester.

About This Production

This film follows Dena Murphy, the wise-cracking 93-year-old who is straightening out criminals on the charity-run allotment where she volunteers, in New Moston, Manchester.

Focused around one season, the film tells the story of a handful of offenders who arrive at the garden to serve out their community service, digging, weeding and planting. Even the most hardened criminals find themselves having heart-to-hearts in Dena’s potting shed as she helps them with everything from financial and relationship problems to getting into university.

Dena is at the heart of the film and, as the narrative unfolds, we discover who she is, why she does it, what the secret of her success is and how she achieves it all in her 90s.

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