The Bad Skin Clinic (Series 6)

The Bad Skin Clinic (Broadcast in the US as ‘Save My Skin’) can be viewed in 140 countries around the world. One of Britain’s leading dermatologists Dr Emma Craythorne helps people solve their complex skin conditions.

About This Production

This year the hit medical series returned for series 5 and 6, following people whose lives have been blighted by uncontrollable and agonising skin conditions.

Until now these people have suffered in silence – their confidence shattered, their personal and professional lives on hold and some have even been forced into isolation. But bringing them out of hiding is Consultant Dermatologist and surgeon, Dr. Emma Craythorne, who transforms their lives by fixing their bad skin.

Across every series Dr Emma meets and treats patients from all walks of life with severe, often debilitating skin diseases. We meet these patients at home and follow their journey as they go through Dr. Emma’s busy clinic in London. Dr. Emma’s charismatic and empathetic manner combined with her pioneering dermatological work and the consequent transformations in patients, will change the lives of those trapped in their own skin, forever.

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