The Skinny Jab Uncovered

A 30 minute investigative documentary for BBC Three which delves into the black market of cut price ‘skinny jabs’ being sold across the UK.

BBC Newsbeat presenter Pria Rai reveals what’s really in these drugs, and whether they are safe to use.

From meeting former users, engaging with sellers and even going to salons offering the jab, Pria gets to see the people who are benefitting from the jabs and those it is exploiting.

Journalist Pria looks at a vial of the skinny jab liquid
About This Production

Ozempic and semaglutide injections are the hottest new commodity among the Hollywood glitterati and in an attempt to emulate the staggering weight-loss transformations of the rich and famous, the British public have gone wild for the ‘skinny jab’.

Cut-price versions of the jab have been spreading like wildfire across social media, however these jabs are untested and unregulated by medical professionals. Without any controls in place, the door is left wide open for ineffective and potentially dangerous products.

Pria investigates whether the sellers are getting rich off dud products. She sees the real-world consequences of these jabs when she meets a young student who accidentally took an overdose of the drug. She makes contact with one of the most prolific online sellers, and goes undercover to reveal a new market for the drug hidden in plain sight and sends samples for testing – with shocking results.

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