The Thames: Britain’s Great River with Tony Robinson

Actor Sir Tony Robinson embarks on a 200-mile river journey from source to sea to discover what makes The Thames one of the greatest rivers in the world.

About This Production

Tony Robinson has always been fascinated by the River Thames. It runs right through the place where he was born and where his family have lived for 300 years. In this documentary series, Tony gets to know one of the world’s greatest rivers even more intimately as he makes the 200-miles journey to follow the Thames from source to sea.

From the role it played with the Home Guard depicted in Dad’s Army to the drawbridges of the Tower of London, this epic travel series will explore how the Thames has shaped the history and culture of Britain.

Along the way, Tony will meet and immerse himself in the lives of those who work along the river whether it’s learning to punt in Oxford or hitching a lift on an industrial working trawler in the Capital.

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