August 2019

The Bad Skin Clinic: New pimple popper says it’s fun to ‘squidge’ fatty lumps that smell of ‘warm cheese’.

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Dr Pimple Popper fans are in for a treat, as there’s a new spot squeezer in town, who goes by the name of Dr Emma Craythorne.

That’s right, the dermatologist is launching her own show The Bad Skin Clinic, and has given us the lowdown on what to expect. If you’re slightly squeamish you might want to look away now, as it’s certainly not for the faint hearted. When chatting to, the dermatological surgeon opened up about the lumps and bumps she’s removed from her patients’ body, and it sounds all kinds of gross.

She told us: ‘I like doing a quick fix, like a five minute squeeze or a ten minute op if there’s more than one lump. It doesn’t take long to get the problem sorted.’

But while viewers might be cringing in their chairs from the comfort of their own homes, Emma went onto insist she finds nothing about her job ‘disgusting’, in fact, she says it’s rather fun.

‘I find it all perfectly normal,’ she explained before adding: ‘One of the things that other people will find [not nice], is probably the large lipomas, so the large lumps of fat underneath the skin, because they can just squidge out of the body.’

She says squeezing spots is fun (Picture: Quest Red)

She added: ‘So people might not want to look at that.

‘But also it’s the ones that have the cheesy smell with it, you can almost imagine, there’s that warm cheese smell as it comes out of the body.’ We hope you’re not having your breakfast! Emma laughed: ‘The most enjoyable things is squeezing the spots and removing the lipomas that is good fun and that is a great thing to do.’

But it’s not all squidging spots, nope, Emma went onto talk about the other elements to her job, adding: ‘What we have to do is make people feel comfortable.

Dr Emma Craythorne is launching her new show The Bad Skin Clinic (Picture: Quest Red)

We hope you’re not having breakfast (Picture: Quest Red)

‘We are injecting them and then cutting their skin open while they’re awake, so it’s our whole job to try and make people feel relaxed and comfortable, and not feel scared.

‘It’s a very fine line where I have to come across relaxed to make them relaxed, and make light of the situation so they don’t get up off the table and run away.’

She told us that the average infection rate currently stands at two per cent, while her own stands at 1.3 per cent.

‘That’s why it’s scary,’ Emma confessed: ‘It can happen to any of those patients at any time, luckily it’s all been fine, but that’s what you have to expect.’

Source: Metro

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