May 2019

When is Shipmates on TV? Who’s in the cast, and where is it filmed?

Get the lowdown on new reality series Shipmates, docking into Channel 4 this summer.

If you’re looking for a reality TV binge this summer, you’re spoiled for choice.

With ITV2 clearly leading the way with TV behemoth Love Island, Channel 4 is hoping to get on board with Shipmates – the ship-based game show

The show will see two groups of 20-somethings head to the Med to hold a party on a lavish cruise liner and complete a series of challenges in order to be crowned the most popular team. Think Coach Trip meets The Apprentice.

When is Shipmates on TV?

While a start date is yet to be confirmed, Shipmates is set to be broadcast on Channel 4 at some point this summer. The series is made up of five parts, each one-hour ling.

Who are the teams in Shipmates?

We’re yet to catch a first glimpse of the two groups battling it out on board, but Shipmates promises to be full of “thousands of tanned and toned 20-somethings.”

As soon as we catch sight of them, we’ll let you’ll know.

What is Shipmates about?

As mentioned before, Shipmates will pit two teams of friends together in a series of challenges amidst fellow partygoers on a luxury cruise ship.

The most popular team amongst their fellow partygoers are crowned the winners.

Channel 4 commissioner for Factual Entertainment Becky Cadman promised the show will be “full of sun, sea and sass.”

Executive Producer Colette Foster added, “We’re delighted to be working with the extraordinarily talented team behind Anchored. They’ve given the cruise a millennial makeover and it’s set to be the most Instagrammed event this year. The competition promises to be fierce and, we hope, the next must-watch series on Channel 4.”

Where is Shipmates filmed?

Setting sail from Barcelona, the ship, carrying 1,500 passengers, will sail the Med via Corsica, party islands Ibiza and Palma, before heading back to Barcelona.

Source: Radio Times

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