October 2019

The X Factor star TracyLeanne Jefford gets cancerous tumour on her nose caused by sunbeds cut out on The Bad Skin Clinic

X Factor singer TracyLeanne Jefford has turned to the Bad Skin Clinic to have a cancerous tumour removed from her nose on national televison.

The former finalist, who appeared on the ITV talent show in 2017, was first diagnosed with basal cell carsinoma (BCC) in April of this year, the most common kind of skin cancer.

‘About a year and a half ago, I came up with a little lump raising from the side of my nose,’ she said on the show. ‘I was quite concerned but I still never thought skin cancer. You never ever think it’s going to happen to you.’

TracyLeanne underwent surgery on The Bad Skin Clinic (Picture: Quest Red)

During her appearance, TracyLeanne travelled to Harley Street, where she met skin cancer expert Dr Emma Craythorne, who told her that although it is a form of cancer, BCC is treatable. It’s not fatal, but it can grow if left unattended.

In the clip (which is not for the squeamish!) TracyLeanne has the tumour removed from her nose by Dr Emma, who can see a lot of sun damage to the 35-year-old’s skin.

‘I was a constant sunbed user,’ the singer admits. ‘I always felt like if I had a tan I would have more confidence.’

TracyLeanne had previously swore to fight her skin cancer diagnosis. (Picture: TracyLeanne Jefford)

‘It probably is sunbeds that lead to this,’ Dr Emma warns. ‘We know the sun, in particular UV radiation, causes changes to the cells.’

It was happy news in the end for TracyLeanne, as her lump was successfully removed. The mum-of-three had previously vowed to beat skin cancer.

The Bad Skin Clinic previously helped another patient who had ‘white lumps of jelly’ growing all over his body.

 Source: Metro

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